Child Abuse Investigation Training

Letters of Reference

"...Craig is an articulate, fluent and creative presenter who uses his strong investigative facilitate realistic scenario-based learning experiences for the students...He is truly passionate about his craft, the development of investigational talent and protecting the vulneranble population which (his) training will ultimately serve..."
—Sgt.R. Bergevin, RCMP Investigative Training Coordinator, Pacific Regional Training Centre, Chilliwack, B.C. , Canada

"Craig possesses great knowledge and skill in the area of investigating child sexual abuse, but it’s his obvious insight and passion into this type of work that leaves participants challenged to do the best investigation they can, never forgetting the goal of protecting children. It’s been my pleasure to work and learn from Craig’s experiences." 
—Colleen Hagel , Alberta Child and Family Services, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

" I was called to the hospital for my first shaken baby case. What I learned from your training was invaluable to me... I was able to handle the case with confidence with what I knew about SBS and was able to obtain a full confession from the father of the baby. The baby suffered from a subdural hematoma, bi-lateral retinal hemorrhages and had healed fractures on four of his posterior ribs. The father also admitted to squeezing the baby a couple of weeks earlier. Thank you again for presenting your material to our agency."
—Inv. Ed Garren, Douglas County Sheriff's Office, Minden NV, USA

"...Craig has an extensive background in serious crime, child abuse, and is a recognized expert in Shaken Baby Syndrome. Craig put on an excellent presentation for us... Many of our members said it was the best training they've had. Not only does Craig know his stuff but he is an excellent teacher as well."
—S/Sgt. Tom Steggles, RCMP Training Supervisor, Yellowknife, Canada

"...Craig has a tremendous fund of knowledge of child abuse, child fatality, and child sexual abuse; he imparts his knowledge and experience with ease, and interacts with the participants in a natural and accessible manner. From my discussions with Craig and from attending his presentations, I have determined that his grasp of the medical aspects of child abuse far exceeds that of most primary care physicians...."
—Andi Taroli, MD FAAP, Medical Director, CACNEPA, Pennsylvania, USA

"...On behalf of the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome, I really felt like I needed to write to you and thank you for all that you do in the fight against Shaken Baby Syndrome. There are so many critical and unique components that must be addressed in an SBS investigation and we are very fortunate to have someone who has such a wealth of experience and is willing to educate others all over the world, as well. Your recent contribution at the National Australian Conference on Shaken Baby Syndrome demonstrated how well your presentation is received and how knowledgeable you are in the dynamics of the SBS investigation. I recall that in both of your workshops there was standing room only!..."
—Teresa Brechlin, National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome, Utah, USA

"...I have had the good fortune of being able to utilize Craig's vast knowledge and experience to train other Police Officers in a wide variety of Crimes against the Person. Craig is an expert in all techniques required to successfully investigate serious crime, especially those related to any and all types of assault. He has particularly specialized in the investigation of Sexual Assaults and Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Since 1988, Craig has been in demand across Canada and abroad as a Training facilitator for our Police Service and numerous others. Craig's extensive abilities as an investigator are equally matched by his ability to impart his knowledge to others. ... His knowledge and professionalism are respected by all..."
—S/Sgt. G. Sharp, RCMP Training Supervisor, Edmonton, Canada

" a nutshell your course has made me a better investigator and I'm thankful for it."
—Cst. Rob Dickson, Deline, NorthWest Territories, CanadaType your paragraph here.

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