Child Abuse Investigation Training

C.B. Smith Training & Consulting Ltd.

 Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse investigations require flexibility and skill sets that may not be found in other investigations. I have conducted hundreds of these investigations, jointly with child protection workers or often on my own. It has been my experience that joint police and child protection teams are more capable of successfully dealing with these types of investigations, than a child protection worker or police officer working alone.

I provide one, two or three day workshops for police and child protection workers on this topic. This training ranges from laws on child abuse, signs and symptoms that a child is being sexually abused, a variety of effective techniques for eliciting information from child and adolescent victims, false allegations, interviews of non-offending caregivers and the identification and interrogation of different types of child sexual offenders.

The goal of this training is to make investigators comfortable with the different aspects of child sexual abuse cases. Participants are offered a wide variety of techniques and strategies which will broaden their repertoire of skills and allow them to adapt these techniques to their own particular style.